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Who's Helping


Photolux Studio

Frank Cava from Photolux Studios volunteered his time and efforts to photograph our very first book. We are so appreciative for all his hard work and great talents. Our first book is so special to us. Tommy was only six years old. We thought it would take a couple of hours to photograph. It took over 6 hours with no breaks, no food and no naps. The kids were tired, the rats were tired and I was tired! Frank was patient and understanding! Thank you so much Frank!

Frank Cava


Ottawa, Ontario


The Miriam Foundation

The Miriam Foundation supports rehabilitative, vocational and residential services and programs that foster increased socialization and community integration for children and adults living with intellectual disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In August 2010, the Miriam Foundation purchased 2,200books and distributed them across Canada. Thank you!

"Our mission is to ensure that individuals living with disabilities always have their rightful place in society.

 We thought this was a great feel-good story and we are looking forward to getting it out to as many people as possible."

Warren Greenstone, 

executive director of the Miriam Foundation. 

Montreal, Canada



The painting-collage “Melanie and Tommy, the infinite puzzle of love” was inspired by the book “Melanie and Tommy have two pet rats and one syndrome” .

TOGETHER, on the magic road of the infinite puzzle of love.

Thank you Oana, we love your passion! Your are so incredibly talented!

Oana, Annya and Stefan

Montreal, Canada


Ringo' s Rat Tales

In May 2011, Angela and her son dedicated Mondays for Melanie on their blog. They dress up their rats , pose them with props and write stories about them. Their blog has a very large international audience. Thank you so much for caring!

" I have seen people struggle and it's so heartbreaking, but I am experiencing such joy as I read what Tommy did for his sister and the unity that your family is experiencing. You persisted during very dark, challenging didn't give, it's time time for people to help carry some of your burden.We want to help! "

Angela, Jeff and Ringo

North Carolina, USA 


The Band Bad Little Doggie  

They met over 30 years ago with the exception of their lead singer who joined 7 years ago. In November 2010, they started selling books at their events. As of January 2011, proceeds from the book sales help pay for the 2petrats' website. Thank you!

" The commitment they (John and Nathalie) make is far,far greater than anything we could offer.We sell the books at our shows on a voluntary basis and hope we help out a little bit with the small effort it takes for us spread the word!" 

Musicians: Dan Vincent, Richard Harnett, Peter Nagy, Peter Malizia, Dan Daoust, Josée Gagnon  

Montreal, Canada 


John Glatzmayer Sr.

John has volunteered his time to edit and graphically design all the books. Thanks to him, many children have a better understanding of acceptance.

John lived in Montreal and moved to Oakville Ontario in 1979.

He has over 30 years of experience in graphic design.We are very fortunate and appreciative of his time and efforts. We are most appreciative of his talents!

Thank you John for all you do!

Mr. John Glatzmayer

Oakville, Ontario


Connie Caputo

Connie has two lovely children. They live in Montreal. She graduated from Dawson Institute of Photography and has over 20 years of experience in photography.

Connie volunteered her time and efforts to photograph our second book.

Her dedication, commitment, kindness, patience and creativity were inspiring and unforgettable. The photos in Book 2 are superb. Connie is fantastic with children and somewhat scared of rats! Squeak. We hope to cross paths again!

Thank You Connie for being you!

" I Can't wait to see the book! I loved being part of it and I admire your devotion! I hope to be part of the third book"

Connie Caputo,

Montreal, Quebec



Matthew spoke to his principal about Melanie and Tommy and their 2 pet rats. The school invited them to present to the elementary students. Matthew offered to help. He would be the interviewer. It was great!

The school invited Tommy and Melanie back for another presentation. With Matthew 's help, they would present to the High School Students. This would be Tommy and Melanie very first High School audience ever! Thank You Matthew for your support!


Matthew continues to support us and joined our presentations below :

Selwyn House Elementary and High School 2013

Herzliah High School 2013

Queen's University 2014

Matthew Wendling

Montreal, Canada


The Walsh Family

Lyndsay, Blayne, Alex and Maggie are continuously volunteering their time and support for many of our events.

They help run our kiosks, find sponsors, distribute books, spread awareness and organized fundraising events.

We greatly appreciate their hard work and dedication! We hope they enjoy our second book.

" Alex went to camp this summer for the first time. He was really nervous. Alex decided to bring the second book with him. IF anyone would ask about his scar, he'd show them the book...thank you so much for including Alex in your project!"

Lyndsay Walsh

Ottawa, Canada


Mr. Corey Fitzgerald

Mr. Corey Fitzgerald is Tommy's grade 5 teacher at Kars on the Rideau.

Mr. Fitzgerald offered to help Tommy with his public speaking skills during recess and sometimes after school. Tommy's skills have improved tremendously. After just one month, Tommy seems comfortable, confidant and speaks more clearly! We are extremely grateful and appreciate all of Mr. Fitzgerald's help and support!

Thank you so much.

Mr. Fitzgerald

Kars, Canada


Madeline Lamont

Madeline decided that she didn't want birthday gifts this year! Madeline decided to raise money for a charitable organization. She wanted to donate her funds to CdLS Canada. Her funds will help spread CdLS awareness and find new families. Madeline presented the cheque to Tommy and Melanie during one of their presentations at Kars on the Rideau. Thank you so much for your support and generosity! We really appreciate your donation and hope to find new families!

Madeline Lamont

Kars, Canada


Jeff Turner

Jeff is one of the most wonderful persons we've ever met. His help and support have been tremendously generous! He flourishes us with hope and helps make our dreams come true! He's caring, understanding and compassionate. He brings us a smile when we need it most. Jeff is one of kind! We are truly thankful and extremely grateful for all he does! When you begin a project like this - you cross your fingers, knock on wood and hope to meet someone like " Jeff Turner ".

Thank you Jeff and a huge hug from the whole family including the rats!

Maybe one day you'll have a pet rat peaking out of your pocket! Squeak!

Jeff Turner

Manotick, Ontario


Ethan Scott

After our presentation at St.Brigid's School, Ethan went home and visited our website. He read all its content and proceeded to search for more information about CdLS around the world. Ethan convinced his mom to sponsor our project across Canada. Bija Bijoux would help donate books to one province in June 2014. Ethan chose Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ethan's mom was so impressed with his compassion and motivation to help us that Bija Bijoux also invited us for a book signing in Westboro next spring! 

Thank you so much Ethan! You are very special. We've presented in over 60 schools and you would be the first student ever to get us sponsored! 

 We are anxious to meet you... squeak!

Ethan Scott

Ottawa, Ontario


Dosi Cotroneo

Dosi is a reporter,an author and now a real estate broker! Dosi has always been very supportive with all our projects. She has a big heart and enjoys helping any way she can. Dosi has volunteered her time and talents in becoming our very own freelance reporter. She attends our events, write articles, and contacts the newspaper in our community. We've always admired her writing skills. It is an honour to have Dosi cover our updates. We greatly appreciate her time and efforts. We love you Dosi and your writing skills...thank you so much!

Dosi Cotroneo

Manotick, Ontario


Brenda and Brian Sheenan

Our biggest supporters, sponsors and donors! The most generous people we've ever met! How do we begin to thank them! They worked so hard to make it all happen... our across Canada Tour....from raising funds to finding a vehicle. A once in a lifetime dream and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We'll treasure forever.

We'll be grateful forever.

We'll remember forever.

We'd like to thank them a million times over and over again!

Thank you Brian and Brenda for making our dreams come true!

Big hugs from the whole family...thank you so much.

Brian and Brenda Sheenan

Manotick, Ontario



" I love art because it allows me to be creative and use my imagination. I hope you will like my poster... I work hard on it! "

Allyson was inspired by our website and our projects. We just received her master piece. We looooooove it! We love it so much, we're thinking of making some t-shirts and a poster! Thank you so much Allyson...big hugs and a big squeak!


Allyson at work.

Randolph, New Jersey


Robert and TY

Robert and Ty live in the neighborhood.

They never miss drum circle!

Robert has left brain atrophy and Ty has developmental delays.

Robert and Ty are the most helpful duo in the whole world.

They help set up the chairs, tables, drums, name tags for all our guests.

They carry the drums up and down and up and down the stairs despite some of their physical challenges.

They never complain.... drum after drum after drum....stair after stair after stair...they never complain.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

We appreciate your support, commitment and enthusiasm!

We hope to grow the circle bigger!

We hope to see you there forever!

BIG hugs and a BIG Squeak!

Robert and Ty

Ottawa, Ontario

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