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If you see someone different smile and say hi

In 2009, Tommy Glatzmayer wanted to write a book. He was six years old. He wanted to teach his friends about his sister's rare syndrome while still entertaining them. Tommy and his mother created the book together. 

In Grade 1, Tommy came home crying because his friends were teasing his sister, Melanie Glatzmayer. His mother decided to immediately self-publish the book. 

In Grade 2, Tommy began presenting in schools with his sister by his side and their 2 pet rats. Presentation after presentation, school after school, Tommy and Melanie got a little more comfortable on stage.

By Grade 6, Tommy and Melanie finished their Canadian tour and have presented in all 10 provinces of Canada.

In Grade 7, Tommy wanted to promote integration. He organized his first hand drum circle. He now leads workshops at his school during his lunchtime for students with disabilities and without.

Tommy and Melanie's project has generated funds through private sponsorship and donations. 

The funds have helped them:

  • present in over 80 schools, hospitals, fundraisers, and conferences in Canada and USA. 
  • distribute over 10,000 books to schools, hospitals, conferences and families.

  • supply over 35 hand drums for drum circles held at their school and in their community.

Courage, strength, love and acceptance.

Together we can make

a difference!

5 minutes

5 minutes 

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