2 Pet Rats - Accepting Differences
If you see someone different smile and say hi

In 2009, Tommy Glatzmayer wanted to write a book. He was six years old. He wanted to teach his friends about his sister's rare syndrome, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) while still entertaining them. Tommy and his mother wrote the book together. 

In Grade 1, Tommy came home crying because his friends were teasing his sister, Melanie Glatzmayer. His mother decided to immediately self-publish the book. In 2010, a school invited the family to present their book. Tommy wanted to do the whole presentation by himself with his sister by his side and their 2 pet rats. Presentation after presentation, school after school, Tommy and Melanie got a little more comfortable on stage.

In Grade 3, Tommy realized his presentations and books were helping all the  "Melanie's out there". He was helping everyone accept disability and anyone who appears to be different.  

Tommy's project has generated funds through private sponsorship and donations. The funds have helped them:
  • present in over 70 schools, hospitals, fundraisers, and conferences in Canada and USA. 
  • distribute over 10,000 books to schools, hospitals, conferences and families.
  • create a website to find CdLS families and pay for a family's registration to the next conference.
  • start hand drum circles for people with disabilities and non-disabilities in Ottawa South and West.

Courage, strength, love and acceptance.
Together we can make 
a difference!
9 minutes 

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